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Sandy: As you may know, awareness is the area I will direct some of my energy in hopes of replacing the pain. Truth is, even some in the medical profession are unaware of this disease; wearing a ribbon seems trite and to me woefully ineffectual; maybe that is just me. Truth is Chris' life was so much more than a ribbon. The doc/tribute on WBAI (NYC) was very helpful for an audience to learn about Chris and his work and cathartic for the familiar. Andrew Hsaio deserves thanks for interviewing and sharing with Nobuko, Charlie and Phil. But three times in 30 short minutes Andy said "died after a long illness." Out of abject frustration I wanted to scream the name of this disease to Andy. Perhaps Andy didn’t want to pull focus from social content and in a rare painless moment, I’m sure Chris would agree. But I also know Chris’ self effacing yet irreverent voice would say, “That’s a stupid ribbon! Now if it could be in the shape of chopsticks . . . .” I think we can do both in Chris' name. "Truth Is" applies to diseases as well as social issues.

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This obituary was posted in the NY Times Sunday January 22, 2006 on behalf of the Iijima-Dickson family, and will remain in their searchable data base for a year:

IIJIMA-Chris Kwando, 57. Passed away on December 31, 2005 in Honolulu, HI. Law professor, human rights activist and musician. Beloved husband of Jane; father of Alan and Christopher; son of Takeru and Kazu; brother of Lynne. For info on celebration of Chris' life, check www.chrisiijima.blogspot .com Donations to further Chris' work may be made out to ``Friends of Chris Fund,'' C/O J. Dickson Iijima, 3030 Lowrey Ave., #113, Honolulu, HI 96822. The family will distribute funds to Pre-Admissions Program at Law School of University of Hawaii, Manhattan Country School, and Na Loio, a legal support group for immigrants. Chris will live in our hearts forever.
Published in the New York Times on 1/22/2006.

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